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TBOS Audition by Safeer-4 TBOS Audition by Safeer-4
My TBOS Audition:)

Name: Fi
Physical description: 17, 5’1” Lean, skinny and short. Raven black hair with a pair of silver eyes. Though not physically impressive she is very agile and a fast runner, which she often uses to her advantage.

Personality: Fi is cautious and watchful; she would rather run away from a fight than get involved. It is not impossible for her to win because she fights very dirty. On her home planet where everyone is much bigger than her she was bullied often, and as a result learned a few things about surviving. Fi is a quiet soul and she feels that listening is the best way to gain information; and she then uses that information as blackmail in sticky situations. She is not cruel, but to her survival is first and foremost. She will however take someone she feels is weaker that her under her wing, but if they are pathetic (in her view) she will use them like a slave or brutally hurt them. She is intelligent and ruthless, so don't get on her bad side.

Abilities: She can feel other’s pain, and when she has inflicted it herself she feels it much more fully. So for instance someone trying to hurt her would be quite foolish to harm themselves. She sees this as a horrible weakness though and so has used it only to strengthen herself from pain.

Chosen by: Mudd

Gift: none

History: When Fi was born she was an average sized baby from the planet Gaite. She grew normally but at the age of maturity (for you earth dwellers around puberty) she found out that she was immune to the drug that made her race so big and strong. In Gaite you see the land is full of these towering giants that own a naturally growing plant that stimulates their muscle, bones, and skin making them towering giants with skin like a rhino. Fi’s own family was disgusted, and knew that once word got out they would be the laughingstock of city. So they sterilized Fi and abandoned her in a large city very far away.
Fi grew up from then from scavenging and theft. She grew tougher and more resilient. A strange effect of the sterilization is that she can now feel others pain like its her own, and she sees this as her greatest weakness taking great measures to cover it up. She was pushed around a lot, and as a general rule got back at her oppressors, but not as many would expect.
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April 24, 2011
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